Dr. Alex Murray - Chiropractor for Vancouver and Burnaby 

Point Grey Chiropractic Hours-

Monday 9am-12pm and 2-6pm

Tuesday* AM By appointment

Wednesday* PM By appointment

Thursday 9am-12pm and 2-6pm

Friday off

Saturday* By appointment


* Tues/Wed/Sat are prior scheduling only


Spring Medical Centre Hours-

Tuesday 1pm-7pm

Wednesday 9am-1pm and 2-6pm

Thursday off

Friday 9am-1pm and 2-6pm

Saturday 11am-4pm



Chiropractic care for ICBC, Work Safe, MSP, Extended health and Private pay patients

Car Accidents, Work injuries, Sports injuries

Day to Day aches and pains

Maintenance care to stay healthy



Dr. Alex Murray (BKIN and DC) is a chiropractor who uses a variety of manual therapy techniques to treat many different conditions. Patients of all sizes, ages and health conditions benefit from the conservative care provided by Dr. Murray. Whether a short term injury or general maintenance care to prevent future injuries Dr. Murray provides an inclusive treatment that is designed for you! Dr. Murray provides treatment in Vancouver (Point Grey Chiropractic) and Burnaby (Spring Medical Centre) British Columbia.


What is Chiropractic? - Chiropractic care is a form of alternative health care that involves manual therapy (using hands) to help fix many aches and pains of the muscles, bones and joints. A typical chiropractic treatment will involve massage, stretching, exercise and ergonomic recommendations. Most famously, chiropractic involves what are known as adjustments or manipulations. These are forces with the hand skillfully applied to the joint to help correct bone alignment and improve joint function. Although, many people have falsely associated "cracking" as dangerous, this practice has been successfully performed for thousands of years by many different forms of "bone doctors" and continue to be used today by chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, naturopaths, massage therapists etc.


ICBC Patients- ICBC patients are covered under the flat fee program. No Charge to any patient with a valid claim number. Patients are covered under the program regardless if they were at fault or not. Please call your adjuster to confirm. *This program is provided at both clinics


Work Safe Patients- Worker's Comp (WCB) injuries are covered under the Work Safe chiropractic program. Please confirm eligibility with your Work Safe adjuster.

*Only provided at Spring Medical Centre (Burnaby) location.


Direct Bill- Private health insurance/Extended Benefits patients- Patients covered under private insurance plans are potentially able to have fees covered without paying up front and out of pocket. Please contact insurance companies and or office for eligibility. *Both clinics provide direct billing. Each insurance plan varies on amount covered

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